Mateah – Mixed-Use Development

Mateah is a proposed mixed-use development in Royal Oak with three buildings connected by public spaces. The development location provides a unique opportunity to connect existing residential, commercial and light industrial uses in the neighbourhood to a vibrant community hub. Mateah will include approximately 250 new market and affordable homes, commercial and light industrial businesses and a non-profit daycare centre.

The core concept behind Mateah is to create a new social heart of the Carey and Royal Oak neighbourhoods. The design includes welcoming spaces for people of all ages to enjoy connecting to the outdoors. More than 85% of the site will be dedicated to public amenities including pathways, plazas, water features, terraces, green spaces and seating.

The open public spaces at Mateah seamlessly connect the buildings to a bounty of landscapes areas. Mateah’s central paseo incorporates a grand staircase that descends to a commercial plaza and Garry Oak-inspired green spaces. The steel and stone in the design are inspired by the landscape and play an important role in creating a harmonious connection to the land.

Passive design has been used to maximize daylight, natural ventilation and views at Mateah. The buildings will have a high performance-building envelope and be built with sustainable and renewable building materials. Reducing energy consumption, minimizing waste and reducing greenhouse gases both during construction and for the life of the buildings are a focus on the design, which also maximizes rainwater collection the use of materials that are naturally durable and abundant.

Design Development
Saanich, BC
21000 m² / 226,000 ft²