Revive Townhouses

Water, air and light are the key drivers that shaped the design of this new 95 unit townhouse development which is one of the first to be located within the Cambie Corridor Phase 3 pre-zoned district. The project is conceived around a series of connected outdoor courtyards that link the buildings together and provide a variety of gathering spaces. These connected courtyards have been configured to optimize daylight views and shared open space to create individual scale and ownership around each shared space.

The porosity of the building’s layout allows for maximized daylighting and natural ventilation in the units which provide the fundamental baseline in creating comfortable and healthy interior environments. Meaningful shared spaces are created by the arrangement of public and private outdoor spaces, residential units, and amenity spaces. The central courtyard is the heart of the project, serving as an informal living room for gathering and relaxation, which promotes interaction and communal gathering. The connected courtyards are united by a central water feature which serves as the primary water management system for the development. The water feature brings a typically hidden service to the forefront of the project and celebrates Vancouver’s coastal rainforest climate. The water feature is part of a larger system, which includes roof top green spaces and water collecting cisterns that store water and decrease the load on the city’s utilities during large rainfall events.

Design Development
Belford Properties
Vancouver, BC
8400 m² / 90,000 ft²