PROJECT UPDATE: King Edward + Manitoba Townhouses

Stemming from the construction of the Canada Line, neighbourhoods along and adjacent to the Cambie corridor have seen a surge of development that has created abundant opportunities for new types of housing and commercial uses in addition to the existing fabric of single-family detaches houses. This project is one example of SHAPE Architecture’s ambitions to improve the options and availability of such housing in Vancouver.

A key component to the development is the loose organization of the 6 buildings around a centralized mews or “Village Green”: units entered from the mews are clearly identified with seating and thoughtful landscaping to encourage events to be held (e.g., outdoor barbecues and movies), as well as informal meetings between neighbours. This design also offers passive surveillance of the children and families who may wish to play outside.

Emphasizing the importance of creating a sustainable neighbourhood microcosm within the common spaces, Principal Architect Alec Smith stated that “The focal parts [such as main access points] created within the space not only demonstrate an urban idea for how the parts relate to the whole, but they are also practical. There is a deliberate impetus for sociability in the whole project, which allows architecture and design ambition to be linked with sociological ambition.” For additional information about the project, click here.